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Christmas Eve Services

Jesus’ birth is a story about God making room—for great joy to break beyond boundaries, for awe to push past the limits of our imaginations, for welcome to be extended to shepherds and strangers. This is a story about how God makes room.

Luke’s Gospel tells us that when Mary gives birth to Jesus, she lays him in a manger, for there was no place for them in the guest room. Scholars argue about where, exactly, the birth occurs—and why. Was it in a stable or the living room of a simple peasant home? Was Bethlehem teeming with visitors who were also there to be counted in the census? Was Joseph’s family inhospitable because they disapproved of his marital situation? Regardless of where the birth occurs, we know that Christ is born in a crowded, unlikely place. And yet, God makes a place here anyway. God draws the circle wider as shepherds and unexpected guests arrive. This Christmas, let us also make room—for strangers and neighbors alike. For this is good news of great joy for all people.

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Christmas Eve Music & Bulletins

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As the air starts to chill we turn our attention to the holy advent.

Christ was born into a weary world. King Herod ruled the land with a legacy of ruthlessness. The Romans treated the people of Israel with contempt, imposing harsh taxes and land seizures that forced many into subsistence farming. Poverty and destitution were pervasive. And yet, Christ was born, bringing good news of great joy for all people.  As Advent comes again to a weary world, we ask, “How does a weary world rejoice?” This year, we will follow the stories in the opening chapters of Luke’s Gospel. As we hold space for our weariness and our joy, we will seek a “thrill of hope” in our hurting world. This Advent, may we find many ways to rejoice.

Advent Series


Use this interactive area as a guide, by week, for advent.  All printed materials (listed below) are available in the Narthex throughout advent

Taize Worship Services

"While prayer alone can be arduous, the beauty of praying with others is an incomparable support to the inner life. By means of simple words, hymns, songs, it communicates a discreet and silent joy."

Join Community for Taizé style worship at

6:30 pm on Thursdays in November 30th thru December 21st.  The Taize services, lasting 35 to 40 minutes, will be held in the Revelation Room behind the sanctuary. Enter the building through the Highland or Office entrances. 

November 30


December 7


December 14


December 21


Winter Cantata

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Thank you to all of the Festival Choir and Orchestra members who brought us the moving and faithful message of Jesus’ birth through this year’s Christmas Cantata. The themes and message of Songs of Justice, Songs of Hope, Songs of Joy were inspiring and challenged everyone listening to see Jesus and the Holy Family in a new light. We celebrate Tyler Walters’ original arrangements and compositions which added depths of peace and joy to our experience. Unfortunately, we missed an important recognition! A very special thank you goes to Danielle Bridges, for her faithfulness to the fuller story of Jesus’ birth that goes beyond the manger scene we so sweetly conjure in our minds each year. Danielle put many, many hours into creating this year’s cantata by selecting each song individually, choosing appropriate scriptures, and writing the narration that tied everything together in a beautiful way. The result was a masterful work that invited us to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to turn inward to examine how we welcome “the other” in our daily lives! In the days ahead, please thank all those who participated in the cantata!

Events and Outreach

Mission Gift Festival

Ordering Information

Although We celebrated Mission Gift Festival on Sunday, December 3 you can still participate by purchasing items in the church office.  More more information please see the materials attached below! 

Click Here for the Mission Gift Festival Brochure

Click Here for the Description of Mission Partners

Click Here for a Mission Gift Festival Order Form

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