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Cali Androsky

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My Story

Woof, woof wooof woof woof wooof. 


Just kidding!  I am Cali, the bestest Church Puppers there could be.  My first home wasn't so great but in October of 2022 my whole world changed when my Mom, who just happens to be Pastor Kris here at Community, and Steve adopted me!

Little did I know I would have a job to do when they brought me home with them!  I am a Church Dog and I spread the love of God by just being my adorable self!


I am 5 years old  (My Birthday is November 3rd, for party planning purposes)  I love going on crazy adventures, snuggles, car rides, chasing tennis balls, spending time at church hanging out in the office (That's where my social media manager's office is - I like jumping onto her desk, my mom doesn't think it is as funny as I do), reading in the library, visiting little friends at preschool and taking naps with my unicorn.  You could say being a church dog really is all Rainbows and Unicorns!


So if you are around Community come say hi to me, I'm Cali - the Church Dog! Don't forget to check out Community's Facebook & Instagram pages to see my adventures every Wednesday!

Interesting facts: Cali is allergic to many foods that dogs typically like: ex. chicken and sweet potatoes.

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Cali's Elm Leaves Article - December 2023

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