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Community Visioning Task Force proposes two Expanded Ministry Areas


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Through July the CUMC Visioning Task Force, consisting of twelve CUMC members, worked prayerfully and faithfully through the many ministry and community service ideas generated from our April “Ideas Workshop” to discern a focused and future direction for CUMC. As they worked, the Task Force members considered the pandemic effects on the world around us and discussed the ways that the various ministry ideas could help CUMC both love and serve our own members and the neighbors around us.


On July 30th, the Task Force communicated and proposed two expanded ministry areas for CUMC for the near future and explained the reasoning behind the proposals. The proposed focused ministries were:


1.    Expanding our focus on “Overall Wellness”

including Emotional, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual

health ministries, and

2.    Expanding Intergenerational Service opportunities

to serve our members and neighbors more broadly.


The proposal was met with nearly unanimous support from

the congregation in the update meeting with many comments

reflecting our congregation’s understanding of our “call” to

love our God and to serve our neighbors better.


Many good things are currently going on in and among our church family. Our task now is to build two teams who can define what else is needed, to organize and recruit volunteers for the various ministries, and to begin needed service in the focus ministry areas. If you have knowledge, passion, talent, or expertise in either of the focus areas above, we ask you to contact the church office or fill out an Interest Card to let the office know of your interest and willingness to help.


If you have questions or wish to volunteer, please contact the Church Office.

Previous Reports and Communications:

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