Worship + Sermon Library

10/07/18 “Overturning Assumptions” Kris Androsky 8:30 Link
09/30/18 “Boundary Maintenance” Kris Androsky n/a Link
09/23/18 “Star-Belly Sneeches” Kris Androsky 8:30 Link
09/16/18 “Tunnel Vision” Kris Androsky 11:00 Link
09/09/18 “Converting Jesus?” Kris Androsky n/a Link
09/02/18 “A Spirit Divided” Kris Androsky n/a Link
08/26/18 “This House Cannot Contain You” Kris Androsky 9:30 Link
08/19/18 “A Listening Heart” Kris Androsky n/a Link
08/12/18 “Seeking Sustenance” Kris Androsky n/a Link
08/05/18 “Give Us ANOTHER Sign!” Kris Androsky 9:30 Link
07/29/18 “Working Miracles” Kris Androsky n/a Link
07/22/18 “Keeping Our Distance” Kris Androsky 9:30 Link
07/15/18 “With the Best of Intentions” Kris Androsky 9:30 Link
07/08/18 “Send Them Out Two By Two” Kris Androsky n/a Link
06/24/18 “The Last Song” John Wells 9:30 Link
06/17/18 “Here I am” Karen Klatt 9:30 Link
06/10/18 “Bluegrass Highlights” John Wells 9:30 Link
06/03/18 “People and Darkness” John Wells n/a Link
05/27/18 “Goin’ Home” John Wells 9:30 Link
05/20/18 “Pentecost” John Wells 8:30 Link
05/06/18 “Acceptance” Karen Klatt 8:30 Link

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